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  • Paoli Technology: Upgrading your profits the American Way

    Desinew:The removal of cartilage and tendon
    Paoli Desinewing:The automatic removal of cartilage and tendon leaving a chunk type meat that retains moisture and protein plus exhibits exceptional bind.

    Paoli opens the door for all processors to make desirable meat items from chewy stringy muscles that previously were fit only for grinding. Chunk style sausage, restructured items, formed and shaped choices, nuggets, sticks and on and on, can be further processed from low cost undesirable meat cuts.

    Paoli is desinewing boneless turkey drums for a customer who had looked for this production capability since the end of World War II. His desire was for a bodied chunk meat produceable in plant production volumes without heat build up, over working or emulsifying the meat. Paoli's microgroove technology provided the bridge work that is allowing the recovery and use of this almost unsalable and heretofore low profit meat. These turkey drums are now worth three, four or five times their original value to the processor.

    The same success is happening for beef processors, and mutton packers, plus pork people.

    Paoli is doing for the further processor what others are only dreaming about.

    Do not be misled, only Paoli can provide true disinewing. "PAOLI DESINEWED MEAT" is quality with shelf and freezer life that is available from no one else.

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