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    Berwin Chicken Farms
    South Africa

    Dear Sir,

    As promised earlier, we wish to confirm the receipt of a Model 19 One Step Deboner.

    The machine was received in good order, and we confirm that we are extremely happy with it's performance. We have until now used only chicken necks, and the quality of the so called "Paoli Meat" is of exceptional quality, with meat fibers being so intact that no binders have been necessary when manufacturing burgers.

    We have also been very impressed with the machine's robustness and finish, and it's unusual easiness to strip and clean.

    We would not hesitate to recommend this machine to any prospective customer, and would be happy to demonstrate this machine to anyone on your behalf.

    SIA, S.I
    La, Clarva Spain

    Dear Sirs,

    First of all we'd like to introduce ourselves as a well known Spanish manufacturer of machinery for the food industry, established 40 years ago and with thousands of machines working throughout the world, mainly for meat industry (vacuum mixers, vacuum fillers, vacuum supercutters, mincers,...) but also used in other fields (fish, vegetables, chesses).

    We got the name of your company and knew your products during a business trip in Bulgaria last July where we saw your "One-Step" MEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM working. We were really surprised by the good performance of your machine. For all this we could be interested in selling your products in Spain as we consider that your machine has a lot of potential customers in our country. We can offer a complete coverage of the market together with technical support for the machines. On the other hand, we'd like to know if you would be interested in selling SIA machines in your country.

    Please let us know if you could be interested in such a cooperation, if so, send us catalogues of your complete range of products together with your latest pricelist and discounts for agents.

    Hoping that our proposal will engage your interest, we meanwhile remain Dear Sirs,

    Your Sincerely,

    F. Soriano
    Sales Manager
    SIA, S.I.

    Email Us At: [email protected]